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Grows on Trees wood plague

Custom Work

Solid cedar board with Grows on Trees design chiseled and painted with UV reactive paint.

Sugar Skull Flame


Black and white painting of zippo and sugar skull flame. Arcyric and brush used on canvas. 1' x 3'

sugarmamas medibles


Logo for a marijuana edible company specializing in hard candies and gummies.



Black and white of Marilynn Munroe. Arcyric and brush used on canvas. 1' x 3'

The Kanaka Kitchen


Logo and business card

designed for The Kanaka Kitchen. Adobe Illustrator was used for the design.

Tha Bomb Table


Side table I built inspired from World War Two bomb. The design closly resembles the real thing.

Band Logo

Logo I made for a friends punk rock band The Daisy Cutters. Created in Illustrator.



Logo for a marijuana extract company. Logo was created in Illustrator and was accopanied with a package design.

Cleaning Logo

Logo I made for a cleaning company based in the lower mainland. Created in Illustrator.



Print with toxic monsters painted on top with luminescent paints.

Branding Design

Logo design for organic grow company. Created in Adobe Illustrator.

Custom Art

Samurai inspired 3 peice custom canvas. Made in Adobe Illustrator.

Maui Sunrise

Photo was taken in Feburary 2014 on Mt Haleakala in Maui.

Fitness Brochure

Typography brochure for Peace A Cake Fitness. Made in Adobe Indesign.


Package design made for Akavit Liqour bottles with a Norse Mythology theme.

Custom Painting

Sold painting called Unicorn Mountain. done with brush and acrylic spray paint.


Custom Table

Custom built coffee table and side table. Coffee table has map of Vancouver ghosted into the wood.

Branding Design

Logo design for Grows on Trees a multi faceted company. Created in Adobe Illustrator.

Branding Design

Logo and Business Card design for James Webster Renovations. Created in Adobe Illustrator.

Custom Art

Custom Art for the corners of your room. Because your corners need love too.

Custom Art

Custom art peice stretching approximately 6 feet long and was created in Adobe Illustrator.


Picture taken for excavting company in Macanzie BC. Taken July 2015.

Graphic Art

Rock band logo and poster I did in late 2013. Created in Photoshop and Illustrator.

Tattoo Video

Promotional video I helped with in 2012.imovie was used for compiling and editing. Click to download or watch.

Product Photography

Product photography done for Crystal Skull Vodka. Photoshoot done for fun. Taken June 2013.

Layout Design

Magazine design done for KTMS an underground music magizine that never got off the ground.

Custom Art

Order through chaos. Custom art peice stretched 3 feet by 4.5 feet on convas. Created in illustrator.

Logo Design

Logo design for an extract company called Dabra Kadabra. Created in Adobe Illustrator.


My second hand done painting. Painted in acyrilic and is of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Sold.

Stag Video

Video compiled from multiple sources of footage from a friends stag. Click to download or watch.

Custom Art

Custom art peice on stretched canvas. Created in Adobe Illustrator and is 5.5 feet by 4 feet.


Picture done for print on canvas. Taken at Alouette Lake BC in 2013.

Custom Art

3 peice custom art with a sugar skull theme. Created in Adobe Illustrator, stretching nearly 9 feet.

Custom Art

Custom Art peice for the corner of a room because corners need love too. Created in Illustrator.

Pencil Drawing

Metamorphosis drawing done for myself in 2011. Created with pencil and eraser.


Picture taken in Maui Feburary 2014 with a delayed shutter speed on a Cannon T3i.

Branding Design

Brand design done for a wedding company. Included logo, all stationary, brochure and website.

Life Timeline

A celebration of life time line done for my Grandpa Les Peterson. Timeline stretches 22 feet long.


Sunrise in Paia, Maui. Taken in October 2014 on Cannon T3i.

Brand Design

Branding design for DG Power Systems. Logo, business card and a website in the works.



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A true artist
is not one who is inspired,
but one who inspires others.
Salvador Dali



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Colour does not add
a pleasant quality to design,
it reinforces it.
Pierre Bonnard



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